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Enjoi Box Panda Purple First Push 8.125" Complete Skateboard

Enjoi Box Panda Purple First Push 8.125" Complete Skateboard

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Enjoi Box Panda First Push 8.125" Complete Skateboard

width: 8.125" length: 31.7" wheel base: 14.25"


First Push Complete:

  • Specifically engineered for smaller, younger skaters, this skateboard offers easy turning and optimal performance to help riders build confidence and skills with every ride.
  • Constructed with 7-ply hardrock maple using stiff glue extra, ensuring unparalleled durability and resilience. Each board is pressed with the strongest water-based glue, guaranteeing superior strength and reliability.
  • Featuring a single deck press, this skateboard maintains the same shape and concave with every board, providing consistent performance and control for young riders.
  • Equipped with carbon steel speed bearings for smooth and reliable performance, ensuring a seamless riding experience with every push.

Why It's Better:

  • Shape Scaled for Young Riders: The shape of this skateboard is specifically scaled for young riders, offering a comfortable and ergonomic fit to enhance control and maneuverability.
  • Custom Concave for More Control: Designed with a custom concave, this skateboard provides young riders with enhanced control and stability, allowing them to progress their skills with confidence.
  • Improved Wheel Formula for Park and Street: The wheels of this skateboard feature an improved formula, offering optimal grip and performance on both park and street terrain.
  • Softer Bushing for Easier Turning: Equipped with softer bushings, this skateboard allows for easier turning and smoother transitions, making it perfect for young riders learning the ropes.
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