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Dusters Fungi 38" Longboard Complete Skateboard

Dusters Fungi 38" Longboard Complete Skateboard

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Dusters Fungi 38" Longboard Complete Skateboard

Dusters' heritage traces back to the vibrant surf and skate scene of California's golden era, and the sleek Fungi 38" Longboard embodies that spirit effortlessly.

The Dusters Fungi 38" Longboard Skateboard features a symmetrical top-mounted design, allowing for versatile riding in both directions. Perfect for both Freeride and Downhill longboarding adventures.

Specifications include:

  • Length: 38"
  • Width: 9.125"
  • Wheelbase: 28"
  • Distinctive embossed logo detail adds flair
  • Custom wheel wells enhance maneuverability
  • Equipped with Slant 180mm reverse kingpin trucks for stability
  • 71mm x 52mm 78A wheels ensure smooth rides
  • Includes a built-in bottle opener for added convenience.

Experience the essence of California cruising with the Dusters Fungi Longboard, where style meets functionality for an exhilarating ride.

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