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Enjoi Pilz Tweaker Resin 7 8.25" Skateboard Deck

Enjoi Pilz Tweaker Resin 7 8.25" Skateboard Deck

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Introducing the Enjoi Pilz Tweaker R7 Skateboard Deck, a testament to style, durability, and performance.

With dimensions of 8.25" width, 32.3" length, and a 14.50" wheelbase, this deck offers the perfect balance of stability and maneuverability. Featuring a medium concave, it provides excellent board feel and control for all your tricks.

Built with Resin 7 construction, the Enjoi Pilz Tweaker R7 deck sets the standard for durability and strength. Crafted from 7-ply 100% North American Maple infused with epoxy resin glue, each deck is individually pressed to ensure maximum integrity. This construction not only surpasses industry standards but also guarantees a prolonged deck life, allowing you to skate with confidence session after session.


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